Relax, Refresh, Heal.





Relaxing, balancing and rejuvenating. Acupuncture is the insertion of thin, single use needles into specific Acupuncture Points to stimulate the body's own natural healing. I like to think of the needles as a switch; turning off something the body is doing too much of, or turning on something the body is not doing enough. The basic principles of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teach that all aspect of body and mind need to be in balance to maintain health. Acupuncture is one part of TCM used to restore or maintain that balance.



Relaxing, calming and a great tension release. Cupping is the application of glass cups on the skin. Suction is created by burning a cotton ball inside the cups. Cupping can feel like deep massage, and is used to; increase Qi and Blood flow, open pores in the skin, move stagnation (think of tight muscles and knots), as well as to balance and realign the flow of Qi. Cupping may leave bruising on the skin that can last a week or more. The cups can be left in one spot on the body, or with a little oil on the skin they can be moved around.

Gua Sha

Reduces inflammation, relaxes muscles, and calms the nervous system. Gua sha is a Chinese medicine manual therapy. Your Acupuncturist will use a small tool and a little oil to gently scrape the skin on specific areas of the body. Gua sha is a fantastic treatment for pain and muscle tension, but is also used frequently to treat breathing problems, colds and the flu, digestive disorders and more.