Most people find an acupuncture treatment relaxing and refreshing. While not always the case many people notice a reduction in pain immediately, though it will likely take a few appointments for that to be a lasting effect. While resting on the table with the needles many people report feeling as though they are in a calm state between sleep and wakefulness. Some people report feeling like they are gently drifting on a boat. The time after your treatment is important! Meghan recommends a quiet couple of hours with little exertion, the points are still working and this allows them to continue to do their thing.


There are many great studies being conducted all over the world looking at how acupuncture works, and how to explain it from a Western medical point of view;

• Acupuncture helps the body release endorphins, which helps reduce pain, promotes relaxation, and often gives the patient a sense of calm and well being, or something similar to an “exercise high”.
• Acupuncture may have applications in the treatment of cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute. Especially in terms of managing pain, and reducing the nausea and toxic effects of other cancer treatments.
• Acupuncture helps regulate blood pressure and hormone levels.
• Acupuncture promotes sleep by helping the body release serotonin, and reduces stress and mood-swings by regulating the nervous system.
• Acupuncture helps promote proper digestion, which is important for overall health.