How Many Treatments do I Need?

Many patients ask us "How many treatments do I need?" Acupuncture is cumulative- meaning they work better with a series of appointments. Generally it's safe to assume the longer you have been suffering from illness or pain, the longer it will take to resolve that problem. If you're had a sore back for 10 years it's unlikely to clear up in 1-2 treatments. That being said, everyone is different and some people do have long lasting results after only a few treatments.

A great analogy is antibiotics; when your are prescribed antibiotics by your Doctor, you take the full amount until they are done. Sometimes you don't feel better until close to the end of the prescription. But you must take the pills everyday in order for them to work. Going to the gym is also a great analogy; you can't look like Arnold if you only go once!

Meghan’s mission is to help you feel better as quickly as possible. We will never ask you to come more often, or longer than is necessary. While it is important to listen to your Acupuncturist, as we are recommending a course of treatment based our experience, training, and professional opinion, combined with your individual symptoms, lifestyle, and health goals.  It is equally as important for you to ask if you have questions about why we have asked to see you as often, or as many appointments as we have, please don't hesitate to ask. We are all happy to answer patient questions.

Meghan DeSouza