You Want to See My Tongue?!?

In traditional Chinese style acupuncture we use many different techniques to diagnose your health issues. One of those techniques is looking at your tongue.  We do this because it helps us confirm the working diagnosis we have based on our conversation. We are checking for colour and texture of the tongue itself, and the colour and texture of any coating on the surface of the tongue.

Many people are interested in what many cause their tongue to change from day to day. If you have a dinner of pizza, chicken wings, beer and ice cream (or some similar combination) look at you tongue the next day; it will likely be swollen, have teethmarks on the sides, and have a greasy white or yellow coating. Your tongue will also change if you have a flu; the tip with become red and will probably have little red dots on it. Check out the chart below to see some common tongues, and what symptoms are associated with those tongues.

As always, please feel free to ask us about your tongue and how your symptoms are related. We love teaching people about their health, and what we are doing to improve it!



Meghan DeSouza